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stablwall testimonial


Thanks for the help and support over the previous jobs that have involved carbon fiber structural support. I was referred to StablWall for multiple reasons, but the biggest being the customer service. It has not disappointed! Anna has being very helpful throughout the
entire process. StablWall’s product has been very easy to learn, install, and sell. Each job is labeled on the box along with the contents that are in the box. This is a huge timesaver when ordering multiple jobs at one time. I look forward to a long lasting business
relationship with StablWall.

Cory Parks
Advanced Ventilation Solutions
(704) 813-9554 (Cell) (Email)

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stablwall carbon fiber - commercial use - Hampton Inn 2
stablwall carbon fiber - commercial use - Hampton Inn 1

Re: Erie Hotel Renovations Carbon Fiber

On this project we used Stablwall carbon fiber for added shear wall support. Our carpenters made short work of applying the carbon fiber because of the specifically labeled kits. This was a multi story building with a lot of areas to cover, the kits being labeled per floor and per shear wall saved us a lot of time. The kits also saved a lot of wasted material by not having too much mixed at once and trying to move to different floors and areas.

We would like to thank Anna and Theresa for all your help in making this a successful project.

Brian Zeiser
Project Manager/Estimator
Office 814 898 8517 X 314
Cell 814 434 6547


Re: Dippolito Residence

I wanted to thank you and team for the rapid turnaround of engineering and shipping. This was somewhat of an emergency repair due to the springtime water table. Their wall had about a 1″ bow in it and needed to be addressed immediately. The kits you sent worked perfectly with little to no waste. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Thank you.

Brian Zeiser
Project Manager/Estimator
Office 814 898 8517 X 314
Cell 814 434 6547


How our StablWall reinforcement has held up

Several years ago, (2015) we constructed a building with a basement that needed and engineered reinforcement solution. Our best solution was to use carbon fiber reinforcement and contacted StablWall to assist in both designing and sourcing the materials for the reinforcement. The reinforcement job went perfectly and, in the years, since, the product has held up 100%. We have had no further cracking and no further structural issues with the walls that we reinforced. We continue to use this company and highly recommend it to other builders.


Michael M. Cohen


We were building a 7-story condominium in Brooklyn, NY.  Our structural engineer suggested we reinforce our basement walls with carbon fiber as an added level of strength.  We had quotes of over $20,000 to do the job.  We contacted StablWall who worked with our structural engineer and got us the carbon fiber product and materials for our job.  The entire job cost us under $10,000 and, with StablWall’s guidance, was extremely easy to install.

Michael M. Cohen,
Rychik Design & Construction