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Hi Theresa:

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hope you remember me it’s been like 2 or three years. The wall is better than when it was new, and I kept from painting it till this year to keep an eye on cracks, not one crack, its one awesome product, and I thank you so much for keeping after me to buy your product. If you need me for a reference don’t hesitate, I have nothing but great things to say about Stablwall. It’s actually 50 degrees here in North East Pa. today an enjoying every minute of it, so far another light winter just hope it continues, every day that goes by without snow an ice is one day closer to spring. Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

– Jack Harris



How are you doing? I’m ready to do that testimonial for you and your product, the carbon fiber we installed has done a superior job, not one new crack anywhere and wall looks perfect. We have had a worse winter then last year if possible and the frost line they say is below 40″ and the 3rd coldest February in history for our area, I have about 18 to 24 inches of snow and ice on the ground now and expecting more tomorrow, it’s been a bad winter her in Northeast Pa. That wall is amazing, not one new crack and I check it a lot, even were I just used sealer/epoxy on old cracks there is NOTHING! I feel so good about this, material and the job it did for me, it was well worth every penny. I’m so happy I chose your product and that was because of you not giving up on me and keeping in contact and telling me an showing me with videos what kind of product you were offering.  Again THANK YOU, I can sleep at night knowing my basement wall is not going anywhere and I have given it the true test with this winter, well maybe not me but Mother Nature and it withstood anything she could dish out. Just let me know where I go to give the testimonial and I have a few buddies that are convinced it works and are looking into buying your product, have a awesome day, THANK YOU THERESA!

– Jack Harris