Frequently Asked Questions

How can a fabric sheet of carbon fiber repair the foundation of my home?
– It’s more than just about the fabric itself, it’s about the fabric in conjunction with the military grade strength in our epoxies that, once cured, are 10x stronger than steel and 5x stronger than other carbon fiber products on the market. A powerful chemical reaction occurs when mixing the 3:1 ratio. StablWall is a superior product and you can trust will hold up to its expectations.


If I apply StablWall over a vertical crack on my wall, won’t it eventually open back up?
– No. If you only perform a crack injection without applying the carbon fiber, then yes, it will re-open depending on the severity of the crack. However, when you seal the crack and install StablWall that crack will never open again. It simply can not move once you install the carbon fiber horizontally due the unique design.


What are the limitations of StablWall?
– StablWall can be installed on any porous material. The most common, but not limited to, applications are: poured, concrete block or CMU, and brick walls. It is also effective on walls bowing less than 2”. As long as you are correcting the source of the problem, StablWall will prevent the wall from moving any further.


How does the carbon fiber adhere to the wall?
– Take a look at our installation videos.


Can StablWall be installed on the exterior of the structure?
– Most definitely.


Where is StablWall manufactured?
– In the USA.