High Quality Materials

If you are curious about the quality of StablWall products, start by examining our carbon fiber. StablWall’s unidirectional fiber is made with adaptability in mind. We strive to make foundation repairs and structural strengthening less labor-intensive than other carbon fibers on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are a contractor with years of experience in your tool belt, or if you are a homeowner looking to try your handiness by repairing the cracks in your basement walls, anyone can install StablWall.

Our installation process may be simple, but the make-up of our primers and adhesives are complex. When we say we would never compromise the integrity of our product just to make the epoxy come out of an applicator gun, we mean it. The bonding adhesives used to install StablWall secure the foundation of your home, they secure civil structures, and they are of the highest quality. With our calculated 3:1 ratio, you are guaranteed to receive military-grade strength on your residential, commercial, or civil repair.