How It Works

carbon fiber reinforced market

Did you know they call carbon the King of elements?

Carbon is the only element that can form four chemical bonds. This may sound irrelevant to the structural repair you need to complete, but it really does make a difference. The King of elements can bond with over ten million compounds. Now, take the most optimal chemical compounds with atoms that perfectly fit with carbon and you have a bond that is stronger than steel. The specific bonding adhesives we used were designed with carbons unique abilities in mind.

The manufacturing process of carbon fiber is true science. A single strand of material is anywhere from 0.0002-0.0004 diameter- mostly made of carbon atoms. Though high heat and rearranging molecules, those thousands of carbon fiber strands are methodically manufactured into a unidirectional pattern that is now suitable for military, spacecraft, and civil engineering.

…and that’s why StablWall is of the highest quality. It’s practically royalty.