6 Telling Signs You Need Foundation Repair Solutions

6 Telling Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services Macedonia, OH

The foundation of any building plays two significant roles. One is that it supports the entire structure by carrying its weight and ensuring that walls are intact and firm. Secondly, the foundation of your house helps prevent the seepage of moisture into the building by keeping off water from the soil that surrounds the foundation and the basement.

So important is the role of the foundation of your house that when you see any signs of damage on it, you are likely to fret. What makes foundation damage more worrying is that some of the damage may be hidden and therefore not easy to notice, while some types of damage may appear so rapidly.

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On the bright side, not all types of foundation damage are that bad. A good foundation repair company can help you repair virtually all types of foundation damage. It is essential to identify the signs of foundation damage so that you can call a foundation repair contractor as soon as you need their services. Below are some tell-tale signs that you need foundation repair services.

  1. Sticky Doors and Uneven Floors

If your doors and windows start becoming sticky, this means that the shutters have fallen out of place with their frames. This can be due to foundation movements that affect the position of the walls and the doors and windows. Also, if your floor suddenly becomes uneven or slants, then your house needs foundation repair.

  1. Window and Door Frames Separated from the Wall

If window and door frames are becoming separated from the walls in which they were installed, this could be an indication that the foundation is settling unevenly. You need to call a foundation repair technician to help you diagnose the problem.

Foundation Repair | Macedonia, OH | StablWall

  1. Exterior and Interior Cracking of Walls

Small cracks like shrinkage cracks and hairline cracks are always not cause concern. But if you notice large cracks, predominantly horizontal and diagonal cracks on your foundation, this is a sign that the foundation needs to be repaired.

  1. Tile Cracks

Floor tiles are hard but brittle. If they suddenly start cracking, you need to have the foundation of your building checked.

  1. Walls Getting Disconnected

If some sections of the walls of your building are cracking and pulling away from each other, the foundation likely has a problem that needs to be fixed.

  1. Foundation Wall Bowing

Bowing of foundation walls can occur due to hydrostatic pressure from the earth that borders the foundation. This can cause significant always not caused cracks and lead to notable damage if no action is taken.

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