Common Issues That Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Can Fix Macedonia, OH

Common Issues That Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Can Fix Macedonia, OH

Carbon fiber foundation repair has become a popular method for repairing foundations. Installing carbon fiber straps is relatively quick and easy. Unlike steel beams, carbon fiber straps leave a lot of usable space for the homeowner after installation. Many contractors and homeowners prefer carbon fiber straps for the flexibility they offer in terms of finishing.Foundation Repair | Macedonia, OH | StablWall

Carbon fiber straps are often used in foundation repair to provide reinforcement for foundation walls. They are installed on the inner surface of the wall to prevent the wall from moving inward any further. This repair method is mainly used to address the four common issues outlined below.

  1. Bowed walls

Foundation walls experience bowing as a result of soil movement. When soil absorbs water it expands. This results in increased pressure against the foundation walls. The walls bow inward. Carbon fiber straps can be used to provide additional support to the wall. They prevent the wall from bowing further inward.

  1. Sheared walls

Foundation shearing is also the result of hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation wall. Shearing occurs when a section of the wall breaks away from another section and begins to move inward. It often occurs at the base of concrete block foundation walls. The wall weakens under the pressure of the soil and leans inward so much that it breaks away. Carbon fiber straps can be used to prevent further movement of the wall. They provide much-needed support to the wall to help it resist hydrostatic pressure.Foundation Repair | Macedonia, OH | StablWall

  1. Cracked walls

Foundation cracks are often the first thing you’ll notice when your foundation is under stress from increased hydrostatic pressure. Cracking happens along with weak points in the wall. If the issue is not addressed, the cracks will become larger. Many cracks also begin to let water into the basement causing a water seepage problem. Carbon fiber straps can help prevent further damage by preventing further movement.  

  1. Pushed walls

The term pushed walls are used to describe foundation walls that have moved inward as a result of pressure from the soil on the outside. Pushed walls may tilt or lean inward as a result. Carbon fiber straps are used to help prevent further movement of the wall.

Are you experiencing any of the above problems with your foundation? Carbon fiber foundation repair may offer a long-term solution for you. Be sure to speak to a professional contractor to learn more.

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