The Best and Worst Foundation Repair Options

The Best And Worst Foundation Repair Options New York

When you have foundation issues, it’s vital to get the root of the problem. A quick fix is not the answer. If you don’t know why you have foundation problems and call for expert foundation repair, the problem will persist. What may have been a simple fix, can build up to a significant problem over time, that’s why prompt diagnosis and plan for foundation repair are a must. The first and most crucial step in foundation repair is calling a reputable and experienced foundation contractor. They will have the skill and tools to diagnose and make the proper foundation repair.


Water, It’s Good for You, But Bad For Your Foundation

Most of the foundation issues that you’ll encounter are due to water.
● The soil becomes over-saturated and exerts pressure on the foundation.
● Sometimes this pressure can cause your walls to crack and bow.
● Cracks in the foundation allow water to get in.
● Bowing walls indicate a weakness in the wall.
● That happens because water is allowed to gather around the foundation.
The best solution for this is to have a drainage system installed. Your technician can look over your foundation issues to determine the best drainage system for your needs. The technician may also recommend a retaining wall, which is also an excellent solution in some cases.

Reinforcement Of Walls Gives Them Strength

In some cases, if the initial foundation issues did not get addressed, they can progress to the point that the wall or walls get weakened. If it gets determined that your walls need reinforcement, you have a couple of excellent options. Strips are useful for adding strength and stability to your weak walls. These strips are super durable yet very lightweight. Your foundation company will install a system that ensures your wall stays up, so you no longer have to worry about wall failure.


Avoid The Worst Option

Never attempt to fix foundation issues yourself. Homeowners may get tempted to use putty to repair cracks in the foundation. Since this solution appears to work, they think that they’ve taken care of the problem. However, in reality, they did not. They filled the cracks and stopped water from leaking into the basement, but only temporarily. It is not a long-term solution, and it does nothing to address the reasons behind the foundation issue. Therefore, the problem is never repaired and continues to get worse.

Call for a free foundation inspection today and put foundation issues behind you. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals checked your foundation and made the needed repairs to ensure that it’s safe and secure.

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