Understanding Landscape Grading

 Understanding Landscape Grading New York, NY

Many homeowners ignore the slope of their land. That is not until it begins to wreak havoc on their foundation. Poor grading is one of the leading causes of foundation damage. It is, therefore, one of the first things that contractors examine in foundation repair.

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How poor grading can affect your home

Poor grading in foundation repair refers to land that is sloping towards the foundation. This means that the ground gets lower as it moves towards the foundation. This kind of sloping results in water flowing towards the foundation when it rains. Water therefore pools around the foundation and is absorbed by the soil around the foundation. The grounds around the foundation expand and push against the foundation walls. This causes the walls to bow inward. You may also notice cracks on your foundation walls.

Foundation repair for bowing walls often involves reinforcement of the walls. Carbon fiber straps are the most common option for this. They are strong and stop further movement of the wall. However, they do not resolve the underlying cause of the bowing. To prevent further damage to other parts of your foundation, it is essential to address the grading problem.

Foundation Repair | New York, NY | StablWall

Types of grading

To regrade your landscape, it is essential to understand your current grade. There are two types of degrees:

  1. Positive grade

This is grading where your home sits on the highest point of the land. This is ideal as water will flow away from your foundation in the direction of the slope. Having your home on the highest part of the land limits the hydrostatic pressure against your foundation.

  1. Negative grade

Your home is located at a low point on your property in this type of grade. This means that the land is sloping toward your foundation. This encourages water to flow toward your foundation. The water pools around your foundation and is absorbed by the soil. Your foundation will be under high hydrostatic pressure.

If your property has a negative grade you will need to regrade your home. This means compensating for the natural rate of your yard. It will redirect water away from your foundation and keep it safe from damage.

Regarding your foundation is not a DIY job. Be sure to contact a professional foundation repair contractor to address the bowing of your basement walls and the grading of your land.

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