Common Foundation Repair Techniques

Common Foundation Repair Techniques

Foundation repair typically involves different types of methods to address the issue. Foundation underpinning can be used when a building’s foundation has settled unevenly or there is an excessive amount of soil movement. Foundation underpinning essentially  reinforces the existing foundation by either replacing it with deeper footings or adding new material such as concrete, steel, or timber piles. Foundation piering is also commonly used for repair and utilizes concrete piers that are driven deep into the ground beneath the affected area to support and stabilize it. Foundation wall repairs involve restoring cracked walls through a combination of interior reinforcement and exterior waterproofing. Foundation crack injections utilize polyurethane foam injected into the cracks to stop water from entering them. Lastly, slabjacking can be used to fill voids beneath a concrete slab and raise the settlement back up to the original level. Foundation repair is an important procedure that should be done correctly in order to ensure a safe and secure structure.


No matter which foundation repair technique is used, it is important to hire a professional who has knowledge and experience in the field. A competent contractor can assess the situation properly and provide recommendations on the best course of action for repairing any existing damage. Foundation repairs should not be attempted by inexperienced individuals as this could lead to further structural damage or safety issues. Foundation repair is essential for keeping homes and businesses structurally sound, so it’s important to make sure you have an experienced team working on your project.

By following the correct protocol for foundation repair, you can ensure that your building’s foundation is properly stabilized and protected. Foundation repairs should be done in a timely manner to minimize any damage caused by an unstable structure. Foundation repairs do not have to be expensive, but they are a necessary part of maintaining a safe and secure home or business. Investing in proper foundation repair now can save you from costly repairs down the line. Choose the right professionals who will provide quality workmanship at  competitive prices and protect your investment for years to come. With the right team on board, you can trust that your foundations will remain stable and secure. Foundation repair is an important aspect of building maintenance and, when done correctly, can help keep your property in good condition for many years to come.