Questions Homeowners Should Ask for Successful Foundation Repair 

Questions Homeowners Should Ask for Successful Foundation Repair 

Do you have cracks in your foundation? It is easy to jump right to using a quick-fix method such as a crack injection for foundation repair when faced with an issue such as cracks in your foundation wall. Other homeowners will take it a step further and invest in carbon fiber repairs. While both of these are useful methods for dealing with cracks in foundations, they may not be effective for your particular solution when used on their own. In many cases, a combination of several foundation repair methods is required to address the issue effectively. 


So how can you ensure effective foundation repair? The following are questions every homeowner should ask in order to identify the best repair solutions for their foundation. 

  1. How long has the crack been present? 

How long have you noticed the crack in the wall? When did you first notice it? Start by considering how long the crack has been in your foundation wall and if you have experienced any problems such as water seepage as a result of the crack.

2. Have you noticed any changes in the length or size of the crack? 

Take note of any changes you may notice with the crack. These changes will help to pinpoint the root cause of the cracking and help you find a comprehensive foundation repair solution. For example, does the crack close during the dry season and open during the rainy season? This could be a sign of the foundation walls bowing as a result of increased hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding soil during the rainy season. Keep an eye out for changes in the length and size of the crack. 


3. Have there been any changes around your foundation?

Changes that have occurred on your landscape can cause disruption to the foundation. For example, have you had the soil near your foundation excavated for any reason? Have you had soil added around your foundation? Did you have plants or shrubs planted near your foundation? 

4. Have you had changes made to your foundation or house? 

Consider any changes that you have made to your foundation or house. Some changes can result in changes in the stress load on the foundation. For example, have you had an egress window installed in your basement? 

The answers to these questions will help the foundation repair contractor identify solutions to address cracking effectively and preserve your foundation.