Common Mistakes to Avoid when Repairing Walls With Carbon Fiber

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Repairing Foundation Walls with Carbon Fiber Straps Atlanta, GA

Steel I-beams were once the most popular way to brace foundation walls against external pressure. Now they are reserved only for extreme cases. More homeowners are using carbon fiber straps to brace their walls.

Carbon fiber is a revolutionary product that has completely changed the approach taken in the repair of foundation walls. It is more than ten times stronger than steel and yet has a small footprint. Straps are easy to install and require no maintenance after that. You will also have the freedom to finish your walls as you like. You can paint over the straps, install drywall, or even wallpaper over them. The possibilities are endless with carbon fiber.  Carbon Fiber Straps | Atlanta, GA | StablWall

While carbon fiber offers many advantages, it isn’t a magic bullet. Many people continue to make mistakes in the installation and application of carbon fiber straps. Some of the most common mistakes are listed below:

1. Not Hiring A Professional Carbon Fiber Installation Contractor

It’s not uncommon to come across homeowners that attempt to install carbon fiber on their own. Some may even call in a contractor. However, they fail to ensure that the contractor is trained, certified, and experienced in the installation of carbon fiber.

Carefully reading the instructions on carbon fiber kits isn’t enough to ensure that you install the straps correctly. Professional contractors have years of training and experience behind them. They understand the technicalities of installing carbon fiber and will ensure that it gets done right. Hiring a professional will ensure that you benefit fully from the straps.

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2. Fixing Carbon Fiber Straps On A Wall That Has Bowed Too Far

While carbon fiber is useful for reinforcing foundation walls, it isn’t a magic bullet. It isn’t suitable for repairing every bowed wall. There are cases when the wall has gone too far for carbon fiber straps to be practical. In these instances, you may need to have steel I-beams or wall anchors installed.

Have a professional inspect the wall and determine the best way to repair it. You will put your home and your household at risk by installing carbon fiber on a wall that has moved too far.

3. Not Diagnosing The Root Cause Of The Lateral Movement Of Foundation Walls

While carbon fiber straps will reinforce your wall, they won’t resolve the underlying problem. It’s essential to understand why the wall is moving in the first place and find a solution to prevent movement in the future. It means having your property inspected by a foundation repair professional and applying solutions to ease pressure on your foundation wall. That may include repairing your gutters and downspouts or installing a French Drain.

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